Hello, I’m John… Freelance Creative Artworker,
Retouch Artist and Director of Articulate.

Now into 25 years in the design and print industry, I am fully adept in all major applications with a vast knowledge and experience. This is backed-up with my confidence and in my ability, speed and the understanding to complete deadline targets, attention-to-detail, artwork and campaign control whilst keeping clear communications and structure along the way.

After all these years learning and fine-tuning my trade I am still passionate with the attitude that seeks perfection and smashes through any challenges and obstacles. Always wanting to learn more and never to be stagnant in my skillset, never to be complacent and strive to be up-to-date with the latest procedures and requirements in the industry.

I am not just an artworker, I am a grafter, a work-horse, I pull my weight, with a skillset that speaks­ volumes. Tenacious and perfection-seeking with a pragmatic approach that works well under pressure with a definite hands-on work ethic.

I build professional relationships with my clients, whilst being flexible around their requirements and needs. Which in-turn gets my placements and bookings extended and asked to return over and over again.


What is…


adjective: articulate /ɑːˈtɪkjʊlət/  

Collective skillset of creating artwork,
design and retouching to a high-level, as standard.
As spec, as requested, but more.

“Artwork. Done. Proper.”

synonyms:   artworked, print-ready, repro’d,
ready-to-go, done proper

having or showing the ability to speak fluently,
coherently and proper.

“a proper articulate account of their experiences”

synonyms:   eloquent, fluent, communicative, effective,
persuasive, coherent, lucid, vivid,
expressive, silver-tongued


verb: articulate /ɑːˈtɪkjʊleɪt/  

  1. pronounce (something) clearly and distinctly. “he articulated each word with precision”
  2. form a joint. “the mandible is a solid piece articulating with the head”


  mid 16th century: from Latin articulatus, past participle of articulare
‘divide into joints, utter distinctly’, from articulus ‘small connecting part’