First on our list

Cheers John, everyone has said how
good your work is, and the PMs were wanting all their work to go to you. Whenever there is a freelance requirement you will be
first on our ‘are you free’ list.

Jonathan Sebine

Absolute pleasure

It’s been an absolute pleasure
working with you –
really appreciate everything.

Mel Beer

Appreciated hard work

Just a small thank you for all your
hard work on the campaign.
It has been manic here, so hopefully
this shows our appreciation.

Chris Pickup

Above and beyond

A HUGE thank you for all your
help over the past few weeks –
you’ve gone above and beyond,
and really helped us
out at a very manic time.

Charlotte Dibb

Highly recommended

When ever John was booked either
as a retoucher or artwork,
he was always an asset to the team.
Very professional and very good at what he does. I would highly recommend him.

Martyn Knight

Positive mindset

John is an asset to any team.
Always thorough in his approach
and on-point with any queries.
He is measured and attentive in delivery.
Plus he’s a got great positive mindset!

Sarah Childs

Artworking Wolverine

Best artworker in the business.
A print and packaging lifesaver and
also a genuine Marvel superhero.
If you have a critical project going through Marketing and Creative which requires a high level of skill and microscopic attention to detail, then John is your X-Man.

Gill Kingston