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adjective: articulate

Collective skillset of creating artwork,
design and retouching to a high-level, as standard.
As spec, as requested, but more.

“Artwork. Done. Proper.”

synonyms:    artworked, print-ready, repro’d,
ready-to-go, done proper

having or showing the ability to speak fluently,
coherently and proper.

“a proper articulate account of their experiences”

synonyms:    eloquentfluentcommunicativeeffective,
persuasive, coherent, lucidvivid,
expressive, silver-tongued


verb: articulate
  1. pronounce (something) clearly and distinctly.
    “he articulated each word with precision”
  2. form a joint.
    “the mandible is a solid piece articulating with the head”

mid 16th century: from Latin articulatus, past participle of articulare
‘divide into joints, utter distinctly’, from articulus ‘small connecting part’
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